Living Lists

Can I How often are the NYT Bestseller Lists updated?

We update our NYT list enrichments every Wednesday. Please note that not all NYT lists are updated on their end at this time. In fact, some of NYT lists have an update cadence of every quarter. The "Last Modified" date you see published with your list is the last publish date that NYT claims the list was updated. We've observed that the NYT API is ahead of the web site in terms of best seller information, so if you see a Last Modified date that is before the date of the list on the NYT web site, that is because we get our updates directly from the API.

How can I make a living list?

  1. If you don't already have a Github account, create one:

  2. Log into Github and go to this repository:

  3. If you are creating a list with ISBNs, add a JSON file to this folder. See examples below.

    1. Copy and paste example JSON to use as a template. A simple list uses one cover for every item. Structured lists use one cover for every Work and link to Items with different formats (eBook, audiobook, large text, print, etc.).

  4. If you are creating a mix with Library.Link IDs for Concepts, Persons, etc., add a JSON file to this folder: