Learn how to embed carousels of related resources from your data graph.

How do I embed my library's linked data on a website?

  1. Go to your library’s link domain. For example: http://link.ebrpl.com/

  2. Use the resource index on the right to find a Category, List, or Topic. You can also use the Data Navigator to find Items, Concepts, and People. Here’s EBRPL’s Navigator: https://navigate.library.link/link.ebrpl.com/#/search

  3. Let’s use an appeal term as an example. Go to the library’s Bibframe Categories: http://link.ebrpl.com/category/

  4. Find the appeal term you want to use. For example, Ability Diverse http://link.ebrpl.com/resource/TB2RdcRhlJw/

  5. Click the embed button on the bottom right corner of the carousel.

  6. In the pop up menu, select the layout option for your embed. You can choose from Carosel, Grid, List, or Card.

  7. Click “copy to clipboard”

  8. Paste the embed code into any website or page in your content management system.

Use the following link pattern to combine two resources into one carosel, grid, or list.

  1. Replace {domain} with your link domain

  2. List the resource IDs you want to combine after "resources=" separtaed by commas


Here is the link that the University of Melbourne would use to combine three resources and create a carosel that shows works written by Peter Singer:


Resource IDs are the hashes (also known as fingerprints) at the end of each link. For example, 88cLWgXgNbU from this link:


The mixer link above combines these 3 resource IDs:

  1. 88cLWgXgNbU

  2. qD7lm_T8Z70

  3. 81k9xqubqA0

Other Options for Combining Resources

  1. Combine the two resource IDs for those concepts in a Mix. Learn how to create and share a Mix here.

  2. Edit the MARC records for these items to align the two different Concepts.

    1. Refresh data graph to see updated carousel

  3. Add a new Concept to all records for those items (in the 6xx, for example)

    1. Refresh data graph to see updated carousel

How to create one carousel from items with two separate concepts

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